It is known by everyone that corona virus is here and living with us. Nobody knows how much this virus will be with us.However all experts says it will be with us perhaps forever. right now, before the remedy and vaccinate discovery we have to make sure observation of health protocols including social distance and regularly washing hands for at least 20 seconds. The wide spread of Covid19 virus around the globe, affected most businesses and many businesses have been shut down. Travel industry is one of the most affected industries which some how collapsed during corona epidemy. Travels to Iran company will be shut down until the moment World Health Organization official declaration. These days most of peoples are in quarantine and we really missed many things.

What we are doing during this epidemic disease, trying to make more useful content for our clients and passengers to introduce Iran from all aspects more accurate and more detail and presicely. Hope you enjoy your home stay and "happy home stay!"


Due to some issues, I decided to explain Visa procedure in Iran Ministry of Foriegn Affairs.

At the first, you have to know nobody can directly apply for a Tourist Iranian visa. Everyone who likes to travel to Iran should contact a authorized and verified Travel agency or Tour Operator in Iran. (List of Tour Operator).

After signup and verify your email, your E-Visa Panel will be shown in the menu.Complete the EVISA application form and attach a copy of your passport.After submitting your visa application form, we will send your visa payment fee to your email and how you can pay it. After your payment, your request will be send to Iranian Ministry of Foriegn Affair. After 5 minutes, your Referrence Code will in your Email inbox.You have to know Referrence Number is Differ from Authorization Number.Referrence Number means you request is send to MFA but Authorization Number means your Visa in ready. After recieving your Refference Number , it takes from 6 days to 14 days to recieve your Authorization Code.If you recieved your Authorization code, it means you have to collect your visa where you selected in your visa application form.

I heard alot about ppl who say it was hard to get iran visa...


* Eveyone needs a Visa to travel to Iran.

* Nobody can directly request for visa. (Yet)

* It takes from 6-14 days to collect your visa.(better to apply for your visa about 20 days before your arrival date)

*You only can collect your visa in Iran Airport or one of the Iran Embassedors or Consulate in the world.(list of Iran Embassedors and Consulate)



1-sign up and verify your email. (Your Action is required)

2-complete your visa application form. (Your Action is required)

3-pay your visa service fee. (Your Action is required)

4-recieve your Referrence Number.

5-wait 6-14 days.

6-Recieve Your Authorization Code.

7-Collect your visa!